Be kind to pets – Santa Barbara News-Press

Be kind to pets – Santa Barbara News-Press

It looks like it will be a long and very hot summer. We make sure that we have all the comforts to stay cool and comfortable. 

Please think of your animals. When you go to the beach and the sand is too hot for your bare feet, it is also too hot for your dog. You take water for yourself; also take some for your best friend.

Concrete and asphalt get very hot, so don’t make your best friend walk on it. Love your pets, and leave them home in a cool and shady place when you go to town. 

The beautiful artificial grass gets extremely hot. (Try it, I did — it hurts). Don’t make your pet walk on it, and please don’t play fetch with him on it. He will do anything you will make him do, even if it burns his little paws. Please don’t take him for a ride in your car and leave him alone for just a moment. It gets boiling hot in an instant. He would be so much happier at home waiting for you. 

This is not a lecture, just a request from an animal lover to ask you to do for your dog or other pet what you would do for yourself or for your child.

Stay safe and cool!

Renate Quebec

Santa Barbara